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National Program of Research and Innovation (PNRI)

This program aims at valorizing the potential of the human skills and technological resources in the public research structures to meet Tunisian businesses’ technological innovation requirements. It both enables researchers’ activities to be enriched and enhances the links of collaboration between businesses and research structures.

This involves:

  • Encouraging rapprochement and collaboration between the small and medium-sized businesses and technical centers and the research structures (research centers, laboratories and research units) in order to improve the quality of the businesses’ products and the competitiveness of their production tools.
  • Facilitating technological transfer and acting as an effective tool of financial aid to technological developments and innovation via promising and unifying projects.
  • Creating the best possible conditions for researchers and industrialists to develop their ideas and projects by exploiting to the full dovetailing approaches and talents while respecting each party’s role and independence.

Funding conditions

PNRI projects are funded in a context of inviting tenders. PNRI concerns research and innovation projects that are carried on where one or more research structures (research center, laboratory, research unit) collaborates with one or more industrial partners. The participation of technical centers in these projects as research partners or coordination interfaces is much to be desired.

Eligibility of projects

The Projects respond for four following conditions :

  • Associated with the industrial company at least one technical centre and a public research structure (centre, laboratory or research unit),
  • Demonstrate significant innovation,
  • Justifying a minimum contribution of the industrial partner 20% of the total project cost. This contribution can take several forms: mobilization of company personnel, raw materials, operating company equipment, etc..
  • Have a maximum duration of two years.

Ongoing projects

The drying and heat treatment of wood with solar energy

The project aims to develop and bring to market a cell for drying and thermal treatment of wood operating with solar energy.

The purpose is to assist the Tunisian industrial companies control the drying and the phytosanitary thermal treatment of wood and help them respect the international standard NIMP 15, while remaining competitive, energy-saving and minimizing the negative impact on the environment through the use of "clean" energy.

This project is part of the national priorities for energy conservation.

This project is in partnership with:

Two research units

  • L’ENIM : Laboratory of studies thermal Systems and Energy (LESTE).
  • L’ENIT : Energy Research Unit  of buildings and solar systems.

Two industrial partners

Tunisie Palettes

Tunisie Palettes specializes in the manufacture of standard and custom pallet for over 40 years now. It produces more than 1000 pallets per day with a line of modern and efficient production ensures autonomy, flexibility and reduced manufacturing time.

Tunisie Palettes also has reactive and flexible nailing lines and a full range of materials handling and / or storage.

Tunisie Palettes provides phytosanitary treatment of its products to conform to ISPM 15 standard, which is the true passport to export. For this, it has a drier for the treatment of 7200 pallets per day.

Alternative Energy Systems (AES)

AES is a research company of development, marketing, installations, monitoring, control and maintenance in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and water management.

AES is known with its expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency. AES offers a comprehensive range of services ranging from upstream to downstream and covering the engineering works, maintenance and operation. Indeed, AES provides a wide range of products and services such as solar water heaters, the photovoltaic systems grid-connected and autonomous, wind turbines, the water treatment Reverse Osmosis, energy audit and water management. In addition, AES has won the trust of the customer.

Development of local woods for the manufacture of the polymer composite wood

The project is to promote Tunisian forestry waste to obtain a new product based on plastic fibers use potential and promising export. This product can be used in the indoor and outdoor furniture market. He showed outstanding qualities in use.

This project is in partnership with:

Two research units

- L’ENIT: Laboratory of Polymers and Composites Research 

- L’INAT: Department of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests

Two industrial partners


STIBOIS MDF is the only factory of MDF in Tunisia. She has made numerous investments in recent years   which allowed it to increase its production capacity in order to meet local and foreign demand. The annual output of the factory is currently more than 40 000 m3.

SIFF : Industrial society of windows and closures

SIFF is a company specialized in the manufacture of PVC profiles, windows and rolling shutters in PVC and Aluminum windows. It was created in 1981 and employment forty people.

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